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Hi Ladies, on tomorrow’s DOTK (Daughters of the King) LIVE, I will be sharing wisdom on relationships. I would like to answer as many questions as I can from God’s Word. Please send your questions in by messaging us to our Facebook inbox or commenting here. Remember, no devotionals will be posted on Sundays. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday @ 7pm, (US Eastern Standard Time) on or on our app! Hugs and blessings! Kesha Trippett

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording in the video section of our app!

7 thoughts on “Relationship Wisdom – DOTK LIVE – Sunday 7pm, EST

  1. Hello,

    In this day and age, dating is so hard to do because of social media expectations and a shift from tradiational values to new values. As someone who recently started dating again I find myself easily frustrated and will give a few chances before I close the chapter on someone. Saying this, I know God tells us to love our neighbors and forgive but is it truly forgiveness if I’m able to find peace and be around that person but not give them another chance at my heart?

  2. Good afternoon, I’ve been divorced for 16 years. Raised two wonderful kids on my own. They are now adults and make me proud everyday. I did not date until two years ago. I dedicated myself to my children, my home, my job etc. I didn’t have a relationship w God until recently. Anyway my question is, I somehow seem to attract men who are emotional unavailable. Please help. P.S. I’m a shy introvert.

  3. This topic is right on time for me because I’ve been going through in my marriage very intensely. My husband is angry with me because he feels like I haven’t done anything to contribute to our relationship.
    He was a Minister when I met him 7 years ago and I was a single broken young mother. He led me to Chrost and had such high hopes for me and our relationship because of what God spoke about me.
    7 yeas later he tell me multiple times that he is tired of me not pouring into him spiritually like he has done for me our whole relationship. He says he the only one fighting spiritually for our family. With that he is a police officer so his job is stressful. He has a strong relationship with God and is filled with His spirit but he also drink alcohol every day. Beer, wine, or a whisky.
    He is a very heavy drinker and that I’m itsef effects our marriage.
    I’m trying to grow past feeling rejected and abandoned by him. Trying now to be angry and bitter towards him because of how he treats me a lot of the time. Verbually.
    Please help me seek wisdom on how to stand strong in God during this tough time. My husband is very unhappy and he wants to leave.
    I was ready but God said fight for my marriage and tell the devil no.
    I’m a homemaker and I’m drawing closer to God because I see no matter who it is will eventually turn their back on me except for Him

  4. To stand still is to take that moment to breathe and to trust in the Lord. All that we read all that we learned and all that we know of the Lord, this is when you will put all of that trust and faith in the Lord and put it into practice. This is the moment when you must be strong and put on All the Armor of The Lord. He gave us the tools to fight any battle and overcome. The battle has truly already been Won!! We just have to believe, trust and Thank the Lord, that he has provided for all of us his power and glory and we are champions. No stronghold is too strong or battle to raging that the Lord cannot overcome. He is our Savior our knight in shinning armor come to the rescue ALWAYS and Forever. So to wait, means to put our trust not in what we see before us, but to put our trust in the Lord he will overcome all our battles.

  5. Standing still is a very hard concept for me. I’m not sure if i know how because i truly try not to move until i know it’s of God. I just need to know how to really be still and wait on the Lord. Can you please bring clarity to what it means.

  6. What does it mean to stand still? After 15 years of marriage, I had planned to divorce my husband until the Lord spoke to me…stand still. Yesterday, I wanted to run away from this perpetual cycle that I find myself in with my husband, then I heard the Lord remind me of what He told me…stand still. What does that mean??? What does stand still look like? I am desperate for answers.

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