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Dear Readers,

We’ve discovered that our devotional app has been experiencing issues due to over a million hits on our app from readers, and it’s causing our servers to experience downtime. Which is a great problem to have. This means that it is now time for us to upgrade our server so that we won’t experience any more loading issues. So, we are asking for your help. We are needing to raise $750 USD to upgrade to a new server. This upgrade would be a great blessing. We ask that you please prayerfully consider donating any amount towards this goal. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Love and blessings, The DOTK Family

UPDATE! Our goal has been reached! Because of your generosity, we were able to purchase a NEW Dedicated Server to operate our devotional app on! Praise the LORD! Thank you all so very much for sowing! We pray the LORD greatly rewards your act of love and kindness and multiplies your seed sown!

Also, since we have met our goal for a new server and so we can longer receive donations for that specific need. However, you are more than welcome to make a general donation:

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4 thoughts on “Server Upgrade Needed

  1. Great!!! I am just seeing your message. I see that enough people have donated, which is a blessing. However, I would still like to donate, perhaps it can be used for something down the line. Will you upload the link again?

    1. Hi Lauren, we thank you for your heart to be blessing by sowing into this ministry. A general donation link has been added to this post. We pray that God multiplies your seed sown and greatly increases you in Jesus name! Love, The DOTK Family

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