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“Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies” Psalm 107:2, NLT.

The first time I shared my testimony was in a formal setting, and involved a great deal of planning and preparation. I stood at a podium in front of a group of people, in a church, and I talked for about 20 -30 minutes on how God has transformed me from a broken, beaten, bruised alcoholic, to a beautiful, bold, blessed daughter of the King. While it was a powerful experience, it took a great deal of time and energy, and I wondered how people did this all the time. I was a pretty new Christian at the time, so giving testimony was a brand new experience for me. I thought the only way to share it was in a formal setting such as this.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that I am giving testimony to God’s amazing love every single day. Every time I share a story of what God has done in my life or in the lives of others I know, I am giving testimony. Every time I speak out that I am a recovering alcoholic by God’s grace – I am giving testimony. When I live my faith out by serving others and showing God’s love to others – I am giving testimony. When people see me reading the Bible in public, or stating that I am a Christian – I am giving testimony!

A Facebook post, an offer to pray for someone, a sharing of a quick story, or even a simple “God bless you” to someone, can be a way of giving testimony to our amazing God. How will you testify today?

Prayer: God, you deserve all the praise and glory for the wonderful things you do in our lives! Please give us a new boldness to speak out about your wonderful deeds to others. Please don’t let us shy away from every opportunity that comes our way to give testimony to Your amazing grace and love! In Jesus’ name, Amen



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