Silent Suffocation

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What do you do when you don’t feel like talking? I’m referring to those times when you know in your gut that God is whispering, but you just aren’t in the mood to speak it. It’s almost as though you CAN’T speak.

Or, what is your reaction when you go to share in front of a group and you feel like you’ve totally forgotten the natural process of breathing? The simple act of going between breathing and talking suddenly seems like labored, mental work. Maybe you immediately want to quit. Maybe you continue to focus on the struggle and forget why you opened your mouth in the first place. Would it keep you from sharing the next time? You might vividly remember how uncomfortable it was. You might remember feeling almost as though you were being suffocated.

What if I told you I think it’s very possible that you were?! What if I said that the words recorded by Jesus Himself in the book of John prove that it is completely possible?

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;” John 10:10a

The enemy wants to discourage you any way he can. He will take your breath and take your words. He will confuse you. He will whisper lies. He will cause you to struggle for every word UNTIL you call him out. You see, this used to be me. I used to forget how to breathe and talk with ease. And it worked for a while. Then the day came when I rendered the enemy powerless in my life and claimed the victory in the name of Jesus! I claimed victory because the second half of that verse in John 10:10 says, “…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” When you feel silenced by your situation and you have no words, God will help you speak. He will give you the words. He will give you the strength to declare Who He is and what He will do.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus that I do not have to wallow in pity at the works of the enemy. I praise you because you defeated EVERY scheme that you knew he would come up with when you conquered death. I thank you that the enemy is going to be revealed before these women of God today…and he will depart from them as the coward he is…while they leave as conquerors in Christ Name, Amen!

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