Thank You

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We thank you for  your donation!

Your generosity truly blessed our ministry! We pray God will bless you richly in every way and cause His dreams for your life to come to pass.

Love and blessings,

The DOTK Family

Daughters of the King Int’l Ministries
Inspire. Revive. Unite.

21 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I been blessed with this app, & i have share this app with many other’s. I say this kindly thanking God & all of you for your dedication, love, care for all of us, in which in which the Lord puts in my heart to thithe here. So I listen.
    Love you all!

    Thank you for your truthfulness!
    God Bless All the Sisters!

    In Jesus name.

  2. Your app has changed my life tremendously. On days where I felt like I wasn’t deserving enough, GOD still saw fit to bless me and your messages are often times confirmation of GOD speaking to me through you angels. Please know that everything your team does doesn’t go unnoticed, you ladies are loved and you are truly appreciated. Continue to be a vessel in doing GODS work. In love and light…….

    Tiffany Castillo

  3. I look forward to reading my devotional every morning. I feel the Lord has truly blessed you with this ministry. Most days I feel you are speaking directly to me. I pray for you and for God to continue to give you guidance, you are such a blessing to me! Thank you!

  4. Peace & MANY Blessings My Dearest DOTK Sisters!!!
    I can’t even begin to tell you Beautiful Sisters..just how THANKFUL & GRATEFUL I am to be apart of This Amazing Ministry/Daily Devotional Sisterhood!! It has TRULY been a VERY HUMBLING Journey! I was born & raised in Church but as I got “grown & older” I strayed..not too far..but far enough. Being introduced to DOTK has been one of the BEST things that could have happened to me, as I began My New Christian Journey!! THANK YOU LORD!! May The Lord Continue To Bless You To Bless Us!!
    Love Y’all ALWAYS,
    Your DOTK Sister In Christ

    1. daughters of the King has been a tremendous amount of blessings. There are times that I know that God is using one of the devotionals to speak to me and you have been a great blessing as well God has used you. So continue your journey and your walk with him thank you very much. Your sister in Christ. Mrs. Crayne

  5. It’s always a blessing to bless others. You bless us each and every day. Please continue to reach and pray for your sisters in Christ. Thanks for all that you do. It’s greatly appreciated!!! Peace, love, and blessings to you all!!!

  6. Your app have truly given me hope, it inspires me that I’m never alone on a day to day basis and I couldn’t thank you enough ❤️ I’ve always had an relationship with the lord but your app has helped me to be even closer and see more clearly throughout my life decisions. Thank you & may the Lord continue blessing you ❤️

  7. I have grown so much closer to God with your help & I’m so very grateful! Your app is the first thing I go to every single morning w/ my coffee ❤ every day I feel like it is directed to me & it is exactly what I need to hear!
    May God bless you for being such a blessing to others!!

  8. I am SO encouraged every time I read your posts. Today I literally heard God direct me to your devotion about my waiting…It was funny at the very end it said …’Don’t think this is for someone else this is for you! I knew for sure the Holy Spirit was talking to me. Thank you for being sensitive to the leading of the spirit in such a way that I know His voice when he’s speaki ng to me through someone else.

  9. I just want to say it is truly a Blessing to receive such meaningful messages daily that helps me with my growth in Christ and my journey. These messages give me hope and I thank God for DOTK ministries. God Bless You

  10. Over several years, your app has been a continued source of inspiration for me, my friends, and many others across the world. Thank you for spreading The Truth with love leading the way…May the Lord continue to refresh this ministry with the flow of His grace while you remain planted. Be blessed!!

  11. In my sadness and decision making, your post arrived immediately!! “Don’t let your sadness cause you to be disobedient”!! WOW!! Please pray for me as I try to move forward to where God wants me to be. Thank You all for obeying God and showing up On Time with him!!

  12. Thanks for letting God use you. I hope my donation helps you to continue to help women like me. I am so broken inside and your words help me daily.


  14. I thank you all so much! Everyday I read your devotionals, it seems to be directed specifically to my situation and need. I feel as though God is speaking directly to me, and he knows exactly what I need, and i am always comforted. I thank you for allowing God to speak through you all. Your devotionals are a true blessing! I have your app, and absolutely love it!

  15. Thank you for blessing me with meaningful messages daily. You are appreciated!

    May God keep blessing you all,


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