The Greater the Sin, the Greater the Gratitude

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“I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.” Then Jesus said to the woman, “Your sins are forgiven” Luke 7:47-48, New Living Translation.

The farther I ran, the more He called me back home. Never did He forget me, in my absence. As I ran from His Presence, never did He give up on me. No matter how sinful a woman I became, His heart for me never changed. He never stopped loving me. No matter how deep into the darkness I delved, He never ever gave up on me. He continued to call out to my heart. He continued to set up circumstance after circumstance to be like a little light in my corner of darkness. I could not see it then. But I can now. It’s kind of like when I child grows up and faces the real world alone, and suddenly understands all those little precious things their parents did for them. His forgiveness grew with each offense. His mercy expanded as my conscience contracted. His grace became greater and greater, as I became less and less of who I was called to be.

Can I encourage you today? He loves you, just as He has loved me. No matter how far you have run, He is still whispering your name. Even if your heart can not perceive it, it is still a fact nonetheless. He is still pondering your return and anticipating your arrival home to the doorstep of His heart. There is a porch light on for you there. The path that leads you back to Him does not lead to a dark door with no step to reach Him and no light to see the door knob. Maybe you envision a door with no door knob. Far be it, my sister! Not our God! Not our good, good Father!

For so long, I felt so unworthy because I only came back to Him after I had reached the end of my own wretched rope of sinfulness. I was facing the consequences of my choices, and they were swallowing me in death, disease, and darkness, and then I called out to Him wholeheartedly. I felt I had shown Him no love, and struggled with receiving His love as a free gift in return. As undeserving as I had proven to be, He was showing me love I had never known, forgiving me of every sin I had committed against Him, healing me from the inside out, and holding me while I cried out in deep physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain stemming from the direct effects of my own bad choices. I questioned what I could possibly return for His faithful love, His awesome goodness and His great mercy toward me.

Now, this passage in Luke gives me comfort. Because to me, it says there is something I can give back to Him. It is the great love I feel for Him because of the great forgiveness He has shown me. I have been a very sinful woman, yet Jesus loves me nonetheless. I have strayed far away just to come right back, seeking His forgiveness and His way of doing things. And His profound mercy covered it all. His mercy covers it all, my sister. His love is greater than any hate you have shown or embraced. His light is more powerful than any darkness you have stood in or stand in now. His forgiveness is greater than any sin. Run to Him. Call out to Him. Receive His great love and relentless forgiveness. Then pour your love on His feet!

Prayer: Thank You, Jesus, for Your bold forgiveness and unending mercies. Thank You for dying to save me. Thank You, for saying my sins are forgiven. Thank You for breaking the chains that held me. I could not possibly repay You ever. But please receive my love for You in return for all You have done for me! Let me love You like the woman who washed Your feet with her tears and wiped Your feet with her hair, and anointed Your feet with perfume! May my love for You touch Your heart and the hearts of others! May my love for You show in all that I do and all that I say every day. I am in awe of Who You are and how You love. Let me love like that. And let it start with my love for You. I love You so much. Thank You. I am deeply grateful for Your love and forgiveness. Jesus, may Your Name reign in my heart and life always. Amen.

(Read Luke 7:36-50)

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