The LORD is preparing you to run your race!

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“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

I put on my shoes and headed to the front door. I was going for a jog around my neighborhood. It wasn’t just any jog, it was the one you take after having recovered from surgery. The air felt like it was welcoming me back. I had been away, having a baby and healing from a c-section. I had been immersed in motherhood and making our new house into a home. I had been holding my daughter, and going up and down the stairs checking on my other children, trying to make sure they didn’t feel like “other” children, but loved.

My body needed this run, and so I began to run, pacing myself and controlling my breathing. I didn’t expect too much because I knew I hadn’t ran in so long. When I got halfway around the neighborhood, my brain told me I was tired and I should stop, but I continued to push forward. I tuned out the thoughts in my head telling me to quit, and I kept running, telling myself if I made it this far, I can make it even farther. And I did. I finished.

As I approached my house, the LORD began to teach me as He always does through ordinary life experiences. I didn’t think I could make it halfway around the block, but what I didn’t know was God had been preparing me the whole time. While carrying my daughter for months, He was strengthening my arms. And every time I ventured up and down the stairs, He was building the muscles in my legs. I was simply living my life and He was preparing me to run my race without quitting.

I prophesy to you right now: You will run and not get weary. You will walk and will not faint. With every experience, both good and bad, God has been preparing you all along to run your race without quitting. You will mount up with wings as an eagle and you will soar! You are being strengthened as you live your life. When your mind tells you to quit, you will say, “No I’m going to keep going. If I made it this far, I can go even farther. I’m going to finish my race.” And you will by the grace of God.

3 thoughts on “The LORD is preparing you to run your race!

  1. I am elderly and have been very sick most of my life. I had accepted Christ and prayed for a healing. I continued to get worse, but believed it was coming. I would pray for others on a Christian website, forgave others who had abused me and waited on the Lord.
    My husband and I were leaving for a vacation and I felt compelled to stop at a health food story to buy a book. I did’t know which book, but one caught my eye and looking it over decided on one. I started reading on the trip and kept saying this is whats wrong, this is what I need to change in my life. I got better but not cured. I continued to read health books about our diets and what was causing so much sickness in our lives. I continued to have to face much trauma in my life and had a burning desire to see people healed and still do. I felt that God is teaching me through different trials how to help others. I especially wanted to help children with cancer.
    Recently I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. I had a huge tumor on my right hand and had surgery on it.
    I have more small tumors that need to be removed.
    My brother-in-law was just diagnosed wirh the same cancer stage4. He has many needs and all I can do is pray for him and tell him (“Nothing is impossible with God.)” Last night I started feeling very ill. My blood pressure and pulse was high and one side of my head hurts to lay on. I prayed to God , asked a friend to pray and tried to sleep. I was very uncomfortable and picked up a small devotional to read. It was in the middle of the night. I prayed to Jesus and asked him for a sign I would be alright. ASKING, if I was on the right path , that He would have the woman prophsey it and post it on Daughters of the King, my favorite scripture. It is Isaiah 40:31. It has been my favorite for a long time I quote it frequently . I read my devotional here, everday the first thing, in the morning. God is truly amazing. We just need to Believe He Loves us, He ,Hears us and will Answer us, and Leads us on the right path. Praise The Lord. I read last night that we need to testify about God and His Blood and His LOVE FOR Us.
    The earth seems full of evil right now and anger, bitterness, etc. we need to look at ourselves and see if there are things that need to be changed in our lives, starting with stress that many doctors believe is the cause of most or all illness. God meant for us to be healthy, according to scripture, we need to focus on only the good things, starting with Gods Word, giving up bad lifestyles. Teaching our children to look up to Jesus. Not TV, Video games and computers, and celebrities. We need to be an example to others. Jesus loves us!

  2. According to Your Will Father, I WILL !!! Thank you my Sister for a Powerful Reminder of how God works EVERY DAY in and through my life

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