The Most Dreaded Question

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What’s the toughest question you’ve ever asked someone? The most dreaded question many Christians face is asking someone, “Do you know Jesus?” After asking the cashier, the waitress, a family member, a co-worker, or friend, you may feel your throat begin to clam up, your hands begin to sweat, and your heart starts beating out of your chest as thoughts race through your mind: “Am I doing this right?”, “What if they start talking about off the wall stuff?”, “What if they ask me to explain something about the Bible that I do not know?”, “What if they curse me out?”, “What if they bring up my past mistakes”, “What if they say no?”, or “What if they say yes?” All of these “what if’s” can cause many of us to keep our mouths closed and say nothing. When Jesus instructed us to go and make disciples, He knew that we would have to confront our fear of being rejected. He also knew that everyone would not reject us, but that many would listen and receive Him. He wasn’t setting us up to be shamed; He was setting us up to experience the tremendous blessing of seeing many people’s lives touched by His love. The best way to get over the fear of sharing your faith is to simply get out and do it. Pay no attention to their facial expressions, just focus on the fact that God is using your words to touch their hearts. Be excited and confident about what you know to be true. No one can sit on great news and not share it with others–especially women. If you were to go to a store and you discovered that everything was 95% off, you would be texting, emailing, calling, announcing on Facebook, and telling everyone you know, “Hey, guess what I found! Come visit this store that’s practically giving stuff away!” It’s exciting news that God changes lives, restores relationships, brings families back together, empowers us to fulfill our purpose, fills us with His love, give us loads of peace, heals our physical body, sets us free, lifts every burden, forgives and forgets all sins, and prepares an eternal home in heaven for those who have received Him! That’s great news worth proclaiming every everywhere we go!

“Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever.” Daniel 12:3 (MSG)

Father God,
I love You with all my heart and I know You are what this world desperately needs. Use me to help those I encounter to realize their great need for You. Make me brave and courageous. Fill me with Your Spirit and empower me so that I can be a witness of Your love and grace. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


A sincere thank you to our Daughters of the King Daily Devotional Writers.

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