The Power of Truth

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“When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44b
The devil is a liar! All he knows how to do is lie and deceive. When he starts talking in our ears, nothing he tells us about ourselves, about others, about God, or about our lives is the truth. However, it’s not enough to tell you to simply not listen to his lies. You can’t cover your ears and scream to stop Satan’s verbal abuse. The only weapon powerful enough to defeat a spiritual lie is spiritual truth. God’s Word is the only truth that causes the devil’s mouth against you to completely silence. Truth received in the heart and spoken from our mouth has explosive dynamite power. The enemy knows this so he carefully crafts his lies and packages them as legitimate and reasonable thoughts. He will try to tell a wife, “My husband doesn’t love me. All he does is work and play golf. I would be happier with someone else.” This carefully crafted thought sounds like her own thoughts, but they aren’t. She feels lonely, so the enemy presented a lie disguised as her own thoughts. In this women’s heart, she knows her husband loves her a great deal, but she can’t see his love for her because of how she feels. The enemy knows we are emotional creatures and he is a master at playing on our emotions. When we feel hurt, sad, lonely, angry, rejected, afraid, ashamed, condemned, troubled, unlike our normal selves, anxious, humiliated, used, or worried it is vital that we take those feelings to the Lord and let Him help us with His truth.  All lies received leads to sin. All truth received leads to victory. Find deliverance in God’s word, camp out in Scripture, put it in your heart and in your mind, let it become part of you, readily accessible to defeat any lie that comes your way.
Prayer: Father, Your Word is true and the devil is a liar. I rebuke any and all lies from the enemy and I receive Your truth in my heart. You love me and Your Spirit is with me to help me have victory in every area of my life. I choose to receive Your help. Teach me Lord how to use the spiritual weapon of Your Word to keep the enemy under my feet. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
(Read John 8:31,32)

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