The Trap of Comparison

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“…but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” 2 Cor. 10:12b

Paul was writing this of men who came discrediting him in the eyes of the Corinthians.  They had their own letters of credentials and boasted of their accomplishments.  Paul calls them unwise in that they measure themselves by their own standards. People are no different today than they were when Paul was living.  People mentally set up the criterion by which they rate themselves as superior to others.  We set up the standard based on our education, accomplishments, or even a particular name in society. Trusting in my accomplishments or abilities is measuring myself to myself.  God does not call me to comparisons or to make my own plumb line.  Rather, He calls me to look into the mirror of His Word, see the changes I have to make to be more like Him and then ask Him to empower me to make the adjustments needed.

Paul says that we are also unwise when we compare ourselves with one another.  Comparison is a favorite tool of the enemy.  If our enemy can keep us in constant comparison with others, then we will stay on his roller coaster of insecurity and fall into the trap of judging others.  There will always be others we see as superior or as inferior to us.  God is very clear about judging one another.   The only one we have to be concerned about measuring up to is Jesus and as a daughter of the King, it is a life long journey to be more like Him.  Comparison only breeds discontentment.  In the garden of Eden, satan used the same strategy with Eve to compare her current life with God’s life.  He got her to believe that God was holding out on her and that she should be dissatisfied with her life.  The seed of discontentment was planted once comparison plowed up the field.

God’s plan and purpose for our life is divinely designed for OUR life–so we should not compare ourselves to others.  It only breeds judgment and pride.  We are called to something much higher-to love others.  When we walk in the confidence of knowing who we are in Christ, we don’t have to be caught in the trap of comparison.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me in this area of comparison.  Just as you don’t compare me with others, I shouldn’t either. If you, my judge and advocate, don’t put me in a balance with others, why should I?  Forgive me for allowing comparison to grow into judgment and discontentment and pride.  Show me how to walk in your love towards others.   I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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