Trusting God is the Key to Happiness

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Have you ever been told to “trust God”? These words has become such a cliche and has lost much of it’s meaning in this day and time, but these two very simple words are filled with wonderful power to bring you the happiness you’ve longed for. Understand that God knows you better than you know yourself. He knows what will make you happy and when you trust in Him with your relationships, with your children, with your marriage, with your life, you will find that He will begin to bless you with what only He could bless you with. He knows what makes you happy. Trust Him. Give Him the opportunity to roll out His red carpet for you!

O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good! Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him.” Psalms 34:8 (AMP)

Dear Father,
I understand that saying, “I trust You” and really trusting You are two different things. I should know by now that I can’t navigate my way through life. You know what’s best for me and what will make me happy. You want to see me happy! So I give You complete control over my life. I trust Your leading, Your steering, Your plans. I trust that I won’t get to the end of all this and be miserable in Your plans. I trust that You love me and so I let you lead this dance called “my life”. Make my life a fun and passionate salsa in You! In Jesus Name, Amen.

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