Urgent Prayer Request!

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We rarely ask for prayer in this way unless we are led by God and out of fairness to all the hundreds of prayer requests we receive. However, we are led to ask you to pray for Debra Ketron. She is a daughter of God and is in the hospital right now fighting for her life. She has been diagnosed with Sepsis and anyone in the medical field knows that toxins in the blood is a very critical matter. Her daughter-in-law, Ashley Ketron, is a DOTK reader and we are believing God specifically to 1) cleanse her blood supernaturally by the blood of Jesus, 2) cause the fluids and antibiotics she is receiving to help bring healing, 3) that her major organs WILL NOT shut down, 4) that she will not have any permanent damage after she recovers and 5) that Debra Ketron will be a testimony of God’s healing power and will live out the rest of her days in divine health. That’s what we are praying for and we ask that you stand with us as if this was your mother, sister, or friend. In Jesus’ name!

UPDATE: Dear Readers, we thank you for praying for Debra Ketron! The doctors are attempting to remove a tube from her throat today and take her out of the medical induced coma. Her vital organs are fine and they are saying she still has a long ways to go. Slow progress is still progress, and we’re praising God for it! Ashley and her family are so thankful for all of your prayers, and so are we. Let’s keep on praying and believing until she makes a complete turnaround. Love, The DOTK Family

5 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request!

  1. I speak to the infection sepsis to die! Blood,organs and body function the way Our Creator made you to function! Just like the valley of dry bones i speak with the authority Christ has given me Arise! Healed ! And Whole! Thank You Lord..We Praise You For The Good Report!

  2. Father, we lift you up Ms. Debra Ketron! We know You are King over everything and can create miracles at one command! Thank You for hearing our cries and that Ms. Debra’s healing is at work right now! You are our Divine Healer and we know that no purpose of yours can be thwarted. Father we cling to You during this hour and await to see Your miracle! In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

  3. Thank you, Father, that you have already heard my prayer. I ask for your will to be done. Thank you for your healing power and I believe and receive your Word for Ms. Ketron.

  4. Praying and believing that God touches Ashely Ketron and cleanse her sickness/infirmities by the blood of Jesus. I speak life and get back into pink of health and be a testimony of how our Great Healer God (Jehovah Rapah) restore her health in Jesus Name, Amen

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