Very Good

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Very Good

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31 (a)

One thing I enjoy most about painting is that you can always start over. You can start out with yellow and orange hues, stand at a distance to observe the direction it’s headed, and decide to totally scratch the idea, covering the canvas with a totally different color until the finished work is pleasing to you. In the beginning, God created the earth to His liking. What He made was good. Very good. Your life can be good, very good. If you don’t like the direction your life is going in, you can stop, make the necessary changes and begin again. Some people think, “It is what it is.” And they feel powerless to changing anything about themselves. This is quite pitiful actually. God created you to be powerful, not pitiful. He created you to live the life He gave you, not let your life live you. He created you to change your world, not let the world change you.

You have everything within you to make a huge difference in this life, but it requires you seeing and noticing what is, and isn’t working in your life and changing it. Let it first begin with you and then move on to bigger projects. Take His word and His promises and let it change your life. Inform your mind. Command your will. And let God’s Spirit stir within you the right emotions. If you know what to do, do it. If you know the results you want to see in your life, do what it takes to have those results. Work it until you can stand at a distance and say, “Wow. That is good. Very good.”

Prayer:  Father, thank You for inspiring me today toward change. I want to be as pleased with my life, as You were when You created the earth. I receive Your strength and wisdom to make the necessary changes in my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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