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Please read the scripture below and share what it means to you:

“The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!”
Habakkuk 3:19, Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

10 thoughts on “We want to hear from you…

  1. Life as a Christian is not a storm free but surely a storm proof one, and that is because of God’s grace of generosity. We’re unworthy of receiving such blessings but He provides for us. The Lord is so generous of giving us strength, courage and perseverance to continue the life that is worthy that we usually fail to see. No matter how we get tired and weary about things, the Lord never gets tired helping us, reminding us of His unending love and mercy. His strength is always available for us, to empower us whenever we feel weak or sick. The Lord as the ultimate source of energy could not be destroyed by any matter here and outside the earth, and that’s what we should always bear in mind. The Lord is willing to pick and fill you up, and in times of trouble He’s willing to help you. Remember to always pray and don’t get tired. The Lord will never leave you; He’s always right beside you and watching over you. Just continue to run the race of life.

  2. To me, this Scripture means that God is the one who gives us the strength to Move Forward despite the frightening situations around us.

  3. God is my strength and i depend on him daily. I am a recovering addict and know it was God who pulled me out of the darkness that once held me. I ask him every morning to direct my path. He has given me back all that he has promised, my family, a roof over my head, a great job, and a circle full of recovering friends, it is only through his strength that I am able to awake every morning and continue my journey on this path. He walks beside me and sometimes carry me through obstacles that once would return me back to my active addiction. He gets all honor and praise, for I was lost and He found me, and was blind and now I see. God told me I was his daughter and that He will always be there for me. When times get hard I draw on His Strength. Thank you Father God for not allowing to forget who my Father is, thank you for your grace and mercy that I sometimes don’t feel deserving of. Oh Father I am nit worthy, and I am but a sinner, but you sent your Son to die for me and to Save a sinner like me. Father God continue to shine your light on me that others can see and may want was was given to me. Continue to guide and protect me. In your Sons name. AMEN

  4. I thank God for your commitment to our Lord. I can’t wait every morning to read the new devotional for the day. Its like receiving a love letter from the Lord everyday. Every devotional has personally touched my heart, it was like God speaking to me personally ,about what is happening in my life. Leading me in hope,teaching me to have faith in Him and His Word. I thought you were reading my mail(my prayers) and speaking to me personally through Christ.
    I accepted our Lord over 30 years ago, I had a love affair with Jesus. For the first time in my life I felt truly loved and excepted. Then ,I started faces many trials in my life, that made me wonder if I could truly trust in Him. I was never able to trust in anyone, I had suffered much abuse in my life,starting as a child. My mother 2days before she died told me I wasn’t going to see her again and she wanted me to know she never liked me. She couldn’t even use the word love to me. I told her that’s okay mom, we all think that way sometimes about people. She replied,you don’t understand I never liked you. I told her that’s okay and that I loved her. It left scars, but I forgave her and kissed her before I left. She died 2 days later. I had lost my sister prior to this, my best friend, her husband,my father, who had abused me as a child, I lead to Christ, just before he died, praise God, death of my father in law ,all in a 5 year period. I also have been dealing with serious health issues and pain since the late 70s. I had prayed for others ,laid hands on them, prayed for myself and have never lost hope that God would heal me. It just got harder as the decades went by to keep my faith. The one thing I have held on to is that God loves me.
    The scripture above is what has lead me to respond to you. One of my problems ,and I have many is my back. I have disc issues and then I developed knee issues. Then my feet became so sore I have a hard time walking, and wearing shoes. I have arthritis also. I am home bound now and have to use a cane. I am in pain each day,I have a hard time going up and downstairs to do laundry and etc. My home was always neat and I spent time having friends over for dinner. Now I fight to get out of bed and cook for my husband, and daughter, who is 55years old. She has lived home most of her life. She never learned how to take care of herself,and shows no respect for her father or I.
    My husband also had a stroke 5 years ago ,and God healed him almost totally while I cared for him. I have taken care of others ,all my life, but only want to be able to take care of myself.
    Back to the scripture, I pray to God, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me my strength I pray each day to get up Jesus one day when I was praing about my feet ,gave me the scrpture above. My other favorite is from Issiah 40::29-31. Many times I have stood on these scriptures, believing , they are from God for me. Today , you have reminded me , that He hears my prayers, He cares for me, He loves me to have lead me to this site, to have hope ,each day in Him and His Word.
    Everyday I feel like His Child, thanks to you and your commitment to the Lord. I pray Gods’ many blessings on you and yours. This site, is my link to Gods’love , I feel His love and His blessings everyday thanks to this site. I pray, for all those out there who are hurting , that they also find this site. May you have a blessed day, filled with the love of Christ.

  5. It means in my worst times on earth, when I have had no ones love, no home , no money, no family, no food and a small child too, He was there so I didn’t have too worry cause I should have known he was in control
    I did know he was there yet still worried
    Now that child is grown and far away from me. A mother’s worse nightmare, he is homeless, a lot of times has nothing to eat, no money and his only support is a girl with a lot of issues… I know he is being pulled into the dark forces of this world… However I have matured since he was small and I do know our Lord more…I trust in him that he is there with my son and all is for his glory…so I am at peace…I pray to our father God and wait to see his glory in my son…Amen

  6. Day by day God Almighty strengthens us. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We wear our armor and fight the good fight of faith. The sword, sharper than a double edge sword penetrates deep and helps us in our walk. Not only are we readers and listeners of The Word of God, but primarily doers. Only then, are we able to fully trust in God through Jesus. Only then, are we able to walk during these times of trouble that, in the end, Jesus already has the victory for. We are victorious in Jesus. The lamp under our feet guides our path that Jesus is leading. We are to believe! Thank You Jesus!

  7. This scripture means to me that I shall not be overcome with worry, with anxiety, with depression, with sadness, with fear. For my Father goes before me. He creates my path, has laid it down with His own hands and walked upon it with His bare feet. To trust in His righteousness and not my flesh. For He is faithful and true. I shall not walk in the valley of death and fear evil because my God is for me… So who shall be against me? My refuge, my strength, my God we love you.

  8. To me this scripture means God is always with me strengthening my faith. All I need to do in time of trouble (and at all times) is turn to him in trust so that he can help me, guide me, calm me and strengthen me.

  9. I just want to thank you for these messages. I write a message daily on a fb group I was lead to create and some days I share yours….These are a blessing to me everyday…Thank you so much!
    Love my Daughters of the King daily !!!

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