What it means to worship God.

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“But a time is coming and is already here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit [from the heart, the inner self] and in truth; for the Father seeks such people to be His worshipers” John 4:23, Amplified.

The Samaritan woman expressed to Jesus,”our fathers worshipped in this mountain, but the Jews worship in Jerusalem.” There had been racial and religious tension between the Samaritans and Jews for years. Jesus gave a clear and concise response, “the hour will come and now is when the true worshippers will worship God neither in this mountain nor at Jerusalem, but they will worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

To worship is to crouch, to bow, to reverence and honor. In this text, Jesus is emphasizing the kind of worship our Father God is looking for. He is looking for those who are crouched and bowed down in their hearts to Him and His truth. We can’t bow down at the altar, but we are not bowed to how He instructs us to treat our sister or brother. We can’t bow in worship and not bow in obedience to His command to forgive. We can’t bow in worship and not bow to adhering to the laws of the land. We have to be careful not to worship the act of worship itself.

God is looking for such a person to worship Him from the heart and in obedience. He has given us His Spirit to teach us and lead us into all truth. It is up to us to humble ourselves to the truth He reveals to our hearts. When we do, we will get His results!

Prayer: Father God, I thank You for giving me understanding. I humble myself right now to You and Your will. Forgive me for all pride and rebellion in my heart. I receive Your love and forgiveness. I bow down in my heart to You and Your truth. I reverence You Lord. Take control of my life and my heart. I want Your results. Not my own. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read John 4:15-26; John 16:13)

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