What Psalms 23:6 means to you!

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“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.” Psalms 23:6

We want to say thank you sincerely to all who shared on yesterday’s post. You all are awesome! We have selected a few of your thoughts regarding what Psalms 23:6 means to you. We pray you are blessed by these responses as much as we were. Love, The DOTK Family <3 "For me as a child of God, this verse is a conclusion towards whatever I encounter on earth. God's goodness meaning peace, joy, victory, love, favor, faithfulness, blessings, multiplication, in fact all round blessings are my portion anywhere I go unto the coming of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. His love is inexplicable as I remain under the shadow of His umbrella. Halleluya." - Chinelo Dan Nzelu "I smiled when I read this. It makes me think of how God is like the sun. In my life there have been times I have tried to hide or out run his rays due to stubbornness, arrogance, shame…but his goodness and mercy always reaches me. I made a commitment to him years ago and even when I turn my face away he still shines on me. I cannot separate myself from him anymore than the earth cannot separate itself from the sun. I am so grateful for his goodness and mercy, through him nothing is impossible!" - Jamie "Because God is good, merciful and full of grace, my daily walk with Him is never in vain. He will guide and protect me all the days of my life and I am assured of a place in heaven for eternity..." - Mwende Mutinda "Even when our eyes are blinded by tragedy, heartache, catastrophe, sin and life in general, God’s goodness and mercy are ever present. We are rooted firmly by him, our eternity secured in him." - Julie "Regardless of the circumstances of the day, regardless of the pain that may be in my heart and regardless of how often I “blow it” my position as a daughter of the King is secure. And no matter how often the enemy tries to convince me otherwise, my eternal dwelling place is with the King, my God and Savior." - Kim Sheeler Prayer: Thank you Lord for our many sisters around the world who shared their hearts regarding your word. Bless each one of them Lord in a very special way. Thank you for your goodness and your mercy in our lives. We love you Lord. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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