What You Can Do Instead of Worrying

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“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?” Luke 12:25-26 (NIV)

Here, Jesus tells us that we can’t accomplish anything by worrying, not even small feats. But God knows that we worry. He knows that sometimes we perceive our circumstances to be bigger than they are because we’re focusing too much on our problems and not enough on Him. What He wants us to do during these times is to trust and praise Him through it, seeking His peace and direction. He wants us to remember that we have someone on our side who could not only add an hour to our lives, but who created time itself. He wants us to continue walking the path, not worrying about what will be because He already has it all taken care of. And sometimes that takes work for us. So what can you do when you feel worry creeping up?

1. Focus on God and His love for you. Remember that He desires to see you prosper.

2. Write out situations in the past where you were worried about the outcome but you saw how God came through. Refer back to those times as reminders of His great power and presence in your life.

3. Find and memorize scripture. Hide it in your heart.

4. Pray, praise, and thank Him in the thick of it. When your praises go up, your circumstances begin to look much smaller as you realize you have someone who’s power exceeds all things.

5. Do your best, and surrender the outcome to God.

Worrying steals our ability to enjoy the moments that God has given us now. This is why Jesus tells us not to worry. What you don’t know, God does. What you can’t do, He can. He is your partner in this life and the next. His knowledge and presence go before you in everything. Rest in knowing that anything you may be worried about, God already has it taken care of. You will see when the time is right.

Prayer: Father today I lay my worries at Your feet. I know that You are with me now and You have my future in the palm of Your hands. I ask that You broaden my perspective and help me to see life the way You do. I declare that with You by my side, there is nothing that can over take me. You are my strength, my shield and my portion. In Jesus name, Amen.

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