When God changes your heart.

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“Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” Romans 13:10, ESV

I’ll never forget when I was a young girl in elementary school. A boy in my class had a crush on me. He was starry-eyed over me and I was not interested in him at all. One day a few friends dared me to walk up to him and slap him, and without giving it much thought, I did. I slapped him and his eyes turned red and his facial expression showed that he was heart broken. When I became older and God began to change my heart, I tried to find him and tell him how sorry I am for what I had done.

I had to grow up before I realized the harm I had done.

Maybe you are wondering how a fellow believer–someone who is supposed to love–can hurt you. Just because someone’s a Christian doesn’t mean they know how to love. It takes growth and maturity, and a supernatural work in the heart and mind for us to truly love the way God loves.

God is saying to you right now: “Don’t worry. I will heal your wounds. I will mend your broken heart. Forgive her. Forgive him and release them to Me. My love does no harm, and anyone that harms you is showing their desperate need for Me. Pray for them and I will come in and show them My ways. I cover You now. I love on You now. Receive My love and My comfort. Let Me continue My work in your heart so that You will know how to love.”

Prayer: Father God, thank You for speaking to me. I open My heart to You right now. I forgive everyone that has hurt me and I ask You to come into their life and change them for Your glory. Wrap Your arms around me Lord and help me to move forward from the hurt I’ve experienced. My faith and trust is in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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