When You Pray for Your Friends

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“And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before” Job 42:10.

Pray for her. Yes, she didn’t respond the way you wanted her to respond. She wasn’t considerate of your pain and that hurt. Pray for him. Yes, you gave him your heart, and he walked all over it. He didn’t do everything he promised. Pray for them. They loved you when you had something to give them, but now they seem to get some sick pleasure out of seeing you no longer on top and successful like you used to be.

Pray for every friend in your life, both old and new. For where God is taking you, you can’t afford to have bitterness and resentment in your heart toward anyone.

When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord turned his situation around. God gave him twice as much wealth as he had before. It is the Lord that will turn things around for you when you wise up and do what big girls do. As you pray, God will bless you richly with a release and will turn things around for you.

Prayer: Father God, I pray You help me with this. I’ve been disappointed by people who I considered my friends, and now I bring my heart to You. Heal me God and help me pray for them from a right place. With the faith and love of Jesus, I forgive them. I ask that You bless them Lord with Your mercy and grace. Give every friend in my life, old and new, a heart to know You more. Protect their families and place them in Your perfect will for their lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “When You Pray for Your Friends

  1. Wow! God word is perfect in every way. This message really open my heart to the pain I felt from a family member who wrongfully done me. Forgiveness is the path to righteousness toward God.

  2. I was having a conversation all week about a friend and my sister send me this message this morning and it just blesses my heart to know how God knows what you need to comfort your heart at the right time isn’t he a good God hallelujah.

  3. This message pricked my heart, in a good way. Not only have I been hurt by friends, but also by someone I loved. However, I choose forgiveness and I pray for them anyway. I may be guilty of this too and pray that the Lord forgives me. Thank you for this reminder.

  4. This really spoke to my heart this morning. Yesterday I was having a conversation with my BFF regarding a mutual friend. This scripture truly blessed me this morning.

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