Wide Awake

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“Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him…” Psalms 37:7

Say this by faith, “Lord I receive your rest right now. I rest in you Lord, and I wait patiently for you. My soul relaxes and rests in you.”

It’s amazing, whenever I tell my husband whom I love, “Baby, I’m tired”, he looks at me with the most puzzled look, like “Well, go lay down if you’re tired.” But he doesn’t get it because he’s not a woman. Only you can truly understand where I’m coming from. When a woman says she’s tired, she doesn’t mean she needs a nap. No. She’s tired of working so hard but only being able to enjoy so little. She’s tired of cleaning up only to find her hard work gone within hours. She’s tired of pretending to be someone she’s not. She’s tired of warring in prayer for someone who continues to behave the same way. She’s tired and a power nap won’t fix it. In all of this, I feel you.

While in prayer, God reminded me how He has called us to rest. True rest comes from trusting in God. Here’s an example, if I don’t trust how my husband drives, I won’t be able to rest at all when he’s behind the wheel. I will stay awake the entire time. And don’t let his knees start to shake. That means he is sleepy. Oh boy, now I really can’t rest. Some of us are just like that, we know God is behind the wheel, but we are wide awake freaking out wondering what He’s doing and where He’s taking us. Because we’re not in control, we’re finding it very hard to rest. And again, I feel you.

But God is saying to all of us today, “You can rest in Me My daughter. Don’t worry. I’m taking you higher in Me. I’m not going to harm you. My love does no harm. I only want to bless you. Give Me those cares and those worries of yours. Let me lift those burdens off of you in My presence. Rest in Me and wait patiently for Me. I am in control of your life. Let Me do what only I can do for you. Let Me make a way out of no way. Let Me do it. Let Me have the wheel while you rest. You’ll be glad you did.”

Prayer: Father, I hear you loud and clear. You are in control and I need to rest. Got it. I thank you for how you love me. You love me so gently. Thank you for teaching me how to rest in you while you take me wherever you have me go. I receive your rest right now in my mind and heart. Help me rest in you Lord, and wait patiently for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read and reread Matthew 11:28-30)

Penned by Kesha Trippett

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