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One day my daughter went to her brothers and said, “Why aren’t you guys helping me build the tent?” They enjoy building tents or forts in our living room made of blankets, pillows and furniture. She felt upset that they continued to play and didn’t seem interested at all. After several pleas for help, she gave up and started to pout. I explained to her, “When it comes to boys you can’t be vague. You have to let them know exactly what you need help with.” They didn’t mind helping, she just had to be more specific. So she tried my advice and went again to her brothers, “Guys, I need your help building the roof of the tent. Can you help me?” They all followed her into the living room to help her build the roof and complete the tent.

Guys are designed by God to help build things, fix things and make things better, all they need to know is specifically what you need help with. Instead of getting frustrated with the men in your life because they’re not helping you in ways you need them to, be more specific.

(Read Philippians 4:6)

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