Withered, Yet Blooming

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Blessed is the man whose strength is in You Whose heart is set on pilgrimage, As they pass through the Valley of Baca They make it a spring; The rain also covers it with pools, They go from strength to strength.” Psalm 84:5-7

When I entered into the Valley of Baca, my own dry season, it was due to the discovery my daughter had an eating disorder. I was hurt and broken beyond anything that I had known before. However, God held me close and I found an inner strength I didn’t know I possessed. At these times in our life, when we embark upon our journey of pilgrimage with the Lord, we will encounter trials. These trials and dry seasons attempt to drain us of every ounce of life we possess with the intense force, fierce impacts accompanied by violent twists and turns in our path. We are thrust deeper into a desert place, and often feel we are withering from the dry and scorching conditions. It is in this place that we must surrender and end our wrestling with the Lord. We find an understanding when our hearts are crushed by the trials, we bring forth a fragrance much like Myrrh. Our tears begin to flow, and these tears produce a wellspring of life and a pool of refreshing water deep within our soul from which we can draw strength to continue. Walking through our valley will produce within us the ability to recognize others in their own dry season. They, in turn, will recognize our blistered feet, withered hands and broken hearts that are now in the early stages of blooming with the vibrancy from our tears. Unspoken words of “I understand” resonates deep within us. Do not fear walking through the desert, beloved. The deepened faith you gain will then be poured forth from you into the precious broken heart you meet on the journey. Your encouragement will produce within them a hope born from your brokenness in the Valley of Baca.

Prayer: Father, how grateful I am for the trials that You have allowed in my life. While I do not rejoice in them, I rejoice through them, knowing there is a greater purpose in it all. Your Word states that we will comfort others with the same comfort that we ourselves have received. Help me, Lord, to stand strong through these trials. Help me lean more upon You, and not trust in my own understanding. Use my life Lord to reach someone else. Help me to allow the light within my own cracks shine forth lighting the way on a sojourner’s way through their valley. In Jesus name, Amen

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