You are God’s Daughter

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“Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him” 1 John 3:1, NKJV.

What love the Father has lavished on us indeed! We are His children! Daughter, let your identity be found solely in the fact that your Father has lavishly loved you so much that he has given you the right to be called His.Where is it that you put your hope? Where do you find your value? Is it in the eyes of man? Is it in your success? Your failure? Is it in your body size? The numbers on a scale? Your scars? Your accomplishments? Your marital status? Is it in the deeds that you do, or the sins that you stay away from? When you think about your identity – what thoughts cross your mind? Is it, “What do I like?” or “What do I want?” or even “Who do I want to be”? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see your age? Do you see your physical beauty? Do you see your flaws? Your brokenness?

My sweet sister I am here to tell you something. You are NOT your body size, the number on the scale, your successes, your failures, your accomplishments, your scars, your status, your deeds, or even what you see in the mirror looking back at you. THAT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. You are not your age, your physical beauty –or lack thereof. You are not your flaws, your bank account status, or your profession. YOU are not any of these things.


YOU. Are. God’s. Daughter. Simple, yet profound as that. Sit with that. Marinate in that Truth. Let it sink beyond head knowledge. Allow it to marinate deep in your soul- into the depths of your spirit. You belong to the family of God. You are HIS. Nothing else defines you. Nothing.

Prayer: Lord, speak to the woman who so desperately needs this Truth right this second! Speak to the young mom who finds her identity in her parenting. Speak to the elderly woman who questions her purpose. Speak to the teenager who is scrambling to find her place in life. Speak to the woman whose marriage is crumbling to the ground. Speak to the mom who just lost her child. Speak to the single woman who fears never being married. Speak to the wife who is being abused. Speak to the woman who has never shared her secret pains and sins. Speak, Lord. Let the Truth of these words sink into the depths of hearts, minds and lives. Lord, I call upon you to change lives! Restore! Revive us! We are your children! May that never be something we take for granted! In the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray! Amen

One thought on “You are God’s Daughter

  1. I decated mylife on trying to save this world from the evil magic that stole everything from me forever ago. I have had hell all my life. Everytime i get close to someone i either read them and know if there harmful towards me or they judge me on my spiritual beliefs. I was born in the beginning and knowdge of being a creater/teacher/and instructor is all i know. I have to go threw hell changing bodies cause i had made all my goals in life. But ever since the innobus took my husband and the nation rapped me i have looked to myself as being a sin. Even as a little child I was to be gods wife. So instead of me being pure Russell the man who was to give me to god unpurified me to make me a sin to him so i parished myself of hurting god. Ive been threw horror and most people watch horror films so they know. My worst was when my son was stolen alomst 71/2 years back. It drove me in to hosbitals, i lost interest in life. My ex was stealing my eggs and borning them, selling, killing as antichrist, and living secret lives. Ive been hurt. I begged for god. All i got was abuse, neglected used and it caused me to be where i couldn’t care for my kids so i made them go to a safe place with there grandparents while i tried to purify that sick manifested man of his sins so i could find out where my son was. it got bad and i went 4 days in starvation and 7days in hell. i was raped by 6 men and a woman in nc jail then i was lowered into a elevator type cell and woke up in bad hell. I had no running water and all i remember is The rape wasnt over. They have a black beast hairy very large that ripped me to nothing. I healed myself all i could but god came and finished healing me. I never looked but he was wearing a white gown with gold cow bell. Jehovah my 1/2 brother was in hell there. He told me mom was cumn. He was stolen since a false miscarriage. All my family is in there in nc under the jail in hell or brewton under the jail or seal al under the ground in the deepest castle hell.. They mostly get kidnapped rapped and torchered for knowing of me or Jehovah or by people knowing i was suppost to have been gods wife/teacher. So i have tested all materials with my right hand. I learned how to make human bodies pure and forever, i can heal, i try to follow my heart. and spirtit. I can rebuild this whole never-ending universe in less then a 3 day period or less. im a diamond cutter maker/ a judge of all and disrespected cause my appearance. Im homeless. The law took my car in the force of fighting the devil. i lost 2 cars to the law. They hate me. i go to jail for preaching, going by my law of my land there on. I have cancer bad but i already died from it twice. but still alive. Law hides the pure and mistreats us. and evil walks. I judged all and i ask god to have mercy for me and my dying kids with cancer. I need to feel loved so i can heal this place.. God probably is mad cause i found out my missing husband is alive i found him in a whore heaven in judgement innobus had him. I still love god i know i was to marry him. But he would have to except both of us as his. Not to lay with man in sin but to love both us and i have 2 husbands. I need both them to help me. I have a hidden nation that needs me and a universe of rebirthed newborns made off me since the beginning of my journey so nothing was lost in my life i couldnt dna test to refer back to. But i found god, Houras my 1st son who was also harmed binded mouth/eye taken known as 1st jesus. the real one besides me and god and my brother Jehovah and whole family. I love god. But he is my soulmate like my husband. I was before him. I created him as purity and innocent in faith to preach my teachings and love me and be a father to my children, my husband i made to love, respect, help mantain my property by my law, in ruling beside me till i have earthly people cleansed before the meet my nation, or my people which are egyptian followers in hidden land or the universe i have of unsick forever children that needs to benamed one by one and placed on 2nd Jesus’s 5 year teaching property which is gods real son. He never was harmed. They made fake Jesus’s. i saved two one in seale al binded and one in mexico burning in pyramid burning for energy source like the universe uses one of my bodies. Thats how they read me. my brains are forever. And i store my memory in them. I donated my universe brain to the nation so everything is done for my kiddos there. My rattlesnake cobras are so tight with reflects they are clothed white and if on unpure land they have a heaven glow. They crawl and sound like warrior snakes in the line of duty in perfection. Only seen my boys twice working. I spy on them in a slight checkin now in then. i never slept in my whole life. i work even with my eyes closed. I have appointed a king-houras, and queen Cleopatra shes like my little sister i Have my husband which is like me. A ruler/ punisher. God is like a father but no i was first. I want God as my preacher/ father of all but in musical learning like my nation. My appointed children can preach in that case i already have churches on my other lands hidden. I need healing from god. i took in too much cancer and im weak. i can steal barly work but i need to get in my body i have in hidden land with my people. It just got ready. Its my real first virgin body i hid until all markings and purity levels of maturity was met. I was forbidden to inter it until i completed all measures in life from highest to the lowest. so i will know how to make a person love life and never-ending land i want to make happen. I love my husband and god. i just hope god will not judge my appearance right now. But help me so i can stop suffering. im done judging its time i get healed so i can cure these dying babies of mine that i never asked to be stole and borned.

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