You can never love anyone you’re envious of.

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“…love never is envious nor boils over with jealousy…” 1 Corinthians 13:4, Amplified Bible

Envy is defined as to have warm feelings for or against. It’s the emotion that comes over you when you see someone enjoying something that you don’t have.

Envy starts as a seed of thought and can turn into a complex root system in the heart that can take over someone’s mind. If left alone, envy and jealousy will germinate into hatred, strife and division. It’s what motivates murders and evil of every kind. Envy can cause you to try to sabotage someone’s life, their relationships, their ministry and their name.

The lie the enemy tells us is that someone has something that we can’t have. Don’t listen to the whispers and taunts of the enemy.  God will bring you through whatever situation you’re in and can bring you to a place of victory. You don’t have to be envious of anyone of God’s children because He loves us all the same. What He does for one; He will do for you if you trust and obey Him.

Understand that when someone is winning in life, you are only seeing their fruit, and the end result of a lot of sacrifice, sweat and tears. Anyone that you see is very blessed, know that they went through major tests and trials to get where they are. Love them and bless them.

If you’re struggling with envy and burning with jealousy, stop everything you’re doing right now and pray this prayer…

Father God, I repent for being envious of _____(person’s name)_____. Forgive me God. I reject every lie of the enemy and I ask that You pull up every root of envy and bitterness in my heart. I pray You bless the people in my life that are successful. Cause them to experience more success. Protect them Lord and keep them from falling. Be glorified in my life and in theirs. In Jesus name, Amen.

(Read Romans 13:13; 2Corinthians 12:20; Galatians 5:21, Galatians 5:26; Philippians 1:15; 1Timothy 6:4; Titus 3:3; James 3:14-16, James 4:5; 1Peter 2:1)

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